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September 26 2013


September 24 2013


What Makes The Lelo Sex Toys So Special

Amidst an extensive variety of quality & luxurious erotic devices that have revolutionized the love lives of couples, especially women, there are a few which have created a phenomenon through their potency and effectiveness while others have faded with a whimper.

For couples who are really eager to rejuvenate their erotic lives with the help of innovative love tools, there are ample of them and it’s up to them to deice the ones they need to go for, taking into account their personal as well as mutual preferences and necessities.

Adult toys that are manufactured by different companies today enjoy an unblemished reputation, much due to their quality and ability to help individuals in reaching their much-desired and culminated orgasm. These tools are available in a variety of forms and sizes and this is what matters when it comes to providing complete satisfaction to people’s erotic fantasy. Waterproof vibrators, clitoral and g-spot stimulators and vibrators, squirting dildos, egg vibrators, and rabbit dildos are a few of them.

For instance, different kind of Lelo sex toys and vibrators can be used in couple sex and these devices would allow people to experience the highest degree of orgasm during an erotic encounter.

A lot of high end research is associated with the production of all these products and this is why these tools are so effective in imparting increasingly fervent moments into the sexual fantasy of the modern couples.

Modern adult entertainment tools are perfectly designed to help the users experience the much desired passionate sensation. There are other advantages of using various quality Lelo products. They normally do not consist of Phthalate. Therefore, the users can be dead sure that these are absolutely safe for the body or body parts which are associated with their use. To be frank, Phthalate is a certain type of potential chemical that is used for softening PVC plastics and impart more flexibility. However, the chemical is extremely toxic and can result in harmful effects upon being used in small quantity. That is the reason adult tools that contain Phthalate should be summarily avoided as that may result in skin allergies as well as other types of dermatological diseases. Here is where users need higher quality toys and devices like, Iris G-Spot Vibrator or other Lelo sex toys make the difference.

When manufacturing silicone dildos, vibrators, and massagers, reputed companies use medically approved grade elastometers so that the devices are fit to be used in even the most receptive body parts. This makes the users absolutely assured that there are no health hazards and the devices can be used without any health concerns whatsoever, for fulfilling the sexual requirements.

Also, products of the reputed companies do not come up with other kinds of harmful & toxic materials and hence stand no chance of rendering any allergies, irritations, or other ailments resulted by toxic stuffs. Hence, using these reputed sex toys is absolutely safe and beneficial safe from medical and health perspective and this makes these devices so very popular these days.

The author is a health adviser associated with Lelo Sex Toys manufacturing department. He is also an eminent author of e-books that deal with quality Lelo products and Iris G-Spot Vibrator.

September 23 2013


Rechargeable Lelo Sex Toys – The Best Devices That Light The Fire

It will perhaps not be an exaggeration to state that the latest Lelo sex toys are the most adored and hottest selling products in the realm of adult entertainment. The availability of all these products on the internet is cause enough for the users to get enough freedom when it comes to buying these stuffs as per their choice. Various types of traditional as well as contemporary devices come up quite regularly on the internet and it is up to the users to choose a device as per their choices. All these devices have undeniably taken the realm of eroticism by storm. The most important thing about them is the fact that they are not only agile but versatile as well. On top of that, they are extremely user-friendly - a fact that has made them so much acceptable in the world.

Different types of Rechargeable Lelo Sex Toys are designed with the concept of conjuring up the real magic of eroticism for the users. They can turn the sexual encounters into unforgettable experiences that last for the lifetime. Well, all these devices are specifically intended to stimulate the sensuous organs. These erotic toys have earned a great deal of prominence to imbibe an extra degree of exhilaration in the couples.

Speaking of the rechargeable Lelo Sex Toys they are a special variety of devices that would enable the users to enjoy a rare sensation and really spice up the sexual life. Introduction of this particular variety of adult toys has rather unequivocally helped the users to quench the unfulfilled secret desires of their companions.

These toys come in various sizes and shapes and they are made up of various types of objects. On the basis of that, these devices can be categorized as plastic, jelly, silicone, and metal vibrators. The Plastic variety is more admired than the rest because they are rigid and tough enough to generate powerful & severe vibrations whereas the ones made up of silicone, though easier to cleanse and softer to the skin.

Again, the Lelo Liv G-Spot Vibrator is so designed that they can provide extreme G-spot stimulation that generates much stronger and delayed orgasm.

Hence, in this planet of availability, selecting erotic devices is really a challenge for a common user who does not have much knowledge. People who have the habit of enjoying self-sex can also opt for various devices including the vibrators. Various kinds of adult tools are truly appreciated the world over for invoking pleasure as well as romance in the psyche of the love birds. The introduction of these devices into the intimate life of people can very well bring back the lost zing and unfurl an all new mystique voyage in the erotic life. An array of well known online stores has various types of devices in the offing for their customers. Hence, it is best to log on to the internet and look for the best device that will suit you the best, reviving your love life to the fullest!

The author is an adult toy expert who was associated with the manufacture of Rechargeable Lelo Sex Toys. Besides, he is also the author of a number of e-books on the latest Lelo Sex Toys including the Lelo Liv G-Spot Vibrator.

September 18 2013


Lelo Liv G-Spot Vibrator

Erotic Toy Town provides √ High Quality √ Rechargeable √ Silicone Lelo Liv G-Spot Vibrator to help you tune into your perfect pleasure zone.

August 29 2013


Turn To Sex Toys Store To Rejuvenate Your Sexual Life

Many couples after spending a few years or at times months, lose the zeal of making love. It’s either because to do not have anything new to offer to each other or because they have already run out of breath trying new things and have decided to call it a day. However, things can take a new turn afresh with the availability of the stores that offer so many varieties of erotic toys for their customers.

Be it for the lesbian, gay or transgender couples, adult stores both online as well as brick & mortar have a wide variety of the latest adult toys that take the intimate lives of people to an altogether new height.

Fetish devices that Fetish stores offer includes artificial vagina for men and dildos or artificial dicks for women as well as gays. These adult devices are simply outstanding not only in terms of size, shape and functionality but are cheap as well so that people can avail them with ease.

These devices include various types of dildos, realistic artificial penis, hollow squirting dildos, strap on devices as well as other innovative gadgets that provide eroticism an altogether new dimension. Generally, the products that these stores offer encompasses a wide variety that is useful to both men and women – straight as well as lesbian or gay.

Ideally, the products that a sex toys store offers include a wide variety of vibrators, anal devices, bondage & fetish devices, dildos & dongs, lubricants meant for vagina and penis, other forms of innovative adult devices meant for men – both straight and gay, different kinds of sensual clothing and lingerie with tools, aids to these steamy tools, books on erotica, sensuous lotions and creams, intimate novelties & games, adult toy cleaners and so on.

Now the question is, what is the reason to turn to these stores? The obvious reason is that you find an array of the latest adult toys under one roof and you can quite easily choose the ones from amongst them according to your sexual orientation.

Some of the more adventurous stores would even perform a short demonstration of how to use these playthings and this will surely help you out when it comes to using them. The products these stores offer include different types of vibrators, dildos & dongs, Anal tools, bondage & fetish toys, adult playthings meant for men, a wide range of steamy games & novelties, different types of sensual dresses and clothing, a variety of lubricants, sex creams & lotions, an assortment of seductive aids, books on eroticism, accessories for these rousing devices and so on. While some of these products can be used by both men and women, there are ones which are exclusively used by men and women.

Today, you will find a number of online shops selling adult gadgets and accessories. Needless to say, you can order items of your choice from the comfort of your house and get them delivered at your doorstep. Whether you visit a brick and mortar store or order online, these innovative erotic gadgets will invariably make your intimate moments more adventurous and fun. So get one today and enjoy the fullest!

The author is an owner of a sex toy store that sale a wide range of latest adult toys. He also is an author of the popular e-books that deal with various types of erotic toys for the benefit of the users.

August 27 2013


Maximizing Sexual Ecstasy With The New Generation Vibrators

Gone are the when women used to rue over the parting of their sex partners. Today there are a wide variety of adult tools which can be used in various ways to enjoy sex even when performing solo acts and the latest to join the bandwagon are the vibrating dildos. Let us discuss the three most popular types of vibrators that people tend to use at present.

New Rabbit Vibrators

This innovative form of vibrator come with nicely designed shafts that are complete with undulations and kinks here and there to provide the perfect tickling effect on the vaginal wall once inserted into the vagina. However, the catch of these toys a a little stem that protrudes out from the surface of the shaft is such a way that once the shaft is inserted inside the pussy the stem will tickle the clitoris, leading to a mesmerizing clitoral stimulation along with vaginal stimulus as one masturbates and approaches orgasm. New rabbit vibrators  help to experience delayed and intense orgasms that is triggered by some intense clitoral as well as vaginal stimulus simultaneously. These tools come in various sizes, shapes and types. Some of the devices come with a tilt or bent shaft that help in perfect G-Spot stimulation.

The new age innovative dicks are able to reach the G-spot and help in the legendary female squirting, which their normal straight counterparts are unable to do. Then you will find the waterproof variety, which come in handy while having sex or performing masturbation in shower or even pools. Then there are those anal toys which are perfectly shaped to come in handy for anal stimulation. These devices are also popular amongst men as they use them for prostate stimulus.

Bullet Vibrators

These dongs, which are also at times termed as egg vibrators are relatively smaller in size. However, from the point of the view of available features, these toys are as worth as the other toys and can easily be hidden in pockets or purse to be used as and when needed. Some of the more expensive stuffs come with certain value added features like multiple modes or rhythms of vibrations and water proof seals.

Waterproof Vibrators   

As the name suggests these devices can be used under the shower or in bath tubs and pools. This particular variety of sex tool comes up with innovative shapes so as to provide maximum clitoral, G-Spot, Vaginal or prostate stimulus. They are made up of waterproof materials which is why  they can be used under water, in a shower in tubs and pools. The batteries, motors and circuitry are enclosed in such a way that water cannot reach them, making the device waterproof. Again, like any other types of adult tools, there are types of waterproof toys –Penetrating and non penetrating. While the penetrating variety can be used for clitoral, vaginal, G-Spot or Prostate stimulation, the non-penetrating varieties can be used to stimulate various erogenous zones of the body to gain sexual stimulus and for creating soap foams. This particular type of tool is available in various discreet forms and shapes to help users hide these stuffs from others.

The author is associated with an online shop that sales new rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, and water proof vibrators. The author also is an expert in providing tips about using various types of vibrators.


August 25 2013


Choosing The Best Squirting Dildos For Maximum Pleasure

If you are in the mood of getting the feel of the male hardness in your pussy without with your partner not around, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, instead of getting into any impromptu act with a stranger, you can always opt for those mock dicks and male sticks that are available in the market today. And when it comes to choosing your favorite stick, you can have my word that too much of choices will surely leave you mesmerized at the end of the day.  Let us discuss some of the options that you can try out in order to enjoy sexual pleasure ‘independently’.

One of the most popular choices among women is the squirting dildos. These resemble the natural human penis with the rugged surface with traces veins running all along with the shaft adding some extra realistic touch to the stuff. The most amazing part of these toys is that the user can make them squirt on demand. Hence, they can have a squirting as well as vibrating function in sync with each other as they approach their orgasm slowly and steady. This will give an overwhelming sensation as and when the climax is reached. Some of the more innovative ones are available with testicles that give the users the sensation of playing with the real thing as the balls move around in their mouth.

Most of these realistic dildos come with perfect details with shapes resembling actual full blown erections. Designed to be used by both men as well as women these stuffs would fulfill all the secret fantasies in exactly the ways people would like them to. The rounded tip, the undulating impression of veins, and the slight curvature of the shaft for added pleasure – everything will provide an extra bit of pleasure of spending time with a partner.

Unlike the glass dildos which come in various innovative shapes and sizes, these dicks resemble the natural stuffs for more oriental sexual acts. Users can even choose the hardness, the length of the shaft and the size of the balls and their firmness as per their sexual orientation.

These erotic toys are available within a wide range of prices so that everyone can avail them according to their choices and preferences. No matter if a user is a lesbian and like to spend some time her partner or she are thriving to spend some time with some intense solo acts, the user can find these stuffs in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can use them freely with their hands. In case anyone is vying for some hand-free devices there are strap-on dongs as well to choose. The user can choose from various types of strap-ons – single, double straps and 3-straps variety. A lot of online stores are also that offer various other types of realistic dildos. There’s a whole new world of erotic pleasure waiting for you to be explored!

All that is needed is a bit of knowledge about what will satisfy you the most when your partners are not around. The concept of using these erotic toys has been there for centuries. It is for the users to enjoy this age old tradition in a more innovative manner.

Cathy Hampton is an owner of a sex shop that sale various types of sex toys including realistic dildos and glass sex toys. She is also an expert adult entertainment guide and has sizeable experience in guiding people in using squirting dildos.

August 02 2013


Busting the Myth of Female Ejaculation with a Women Vibrator

Ejaculation has always been believed to be a ‘men’s thing’. Women have always been at the ‘receiving end of ejaculation’ for ages. Well, there had been occasions when women have ejaculated but they were regarded as exceptions. Female orgasms were meant to be ‘felt’ – not ‘perceived’. However, with the introduction of dildos or artificial penises, things changed rapidly. In these toys, women found an extremely handy tool which they could use at their will, when enjoying some private moments alone or with their partners. These devices have brought revolution in female eroticism, especially when it comes to single or lesbian sex.

With the introduction of these tools, women now can feel a male presence in them and have orgasm at their will. Most importantly, they can have visible ejaculation. Yes, they could use their fingers previously but after all fingers are not meant to help in masturbation. With the introduction of these vibrators things have changed completely.

Female erotic devices come in various shapes and forms with the sole objective of providing the ultimate ecstasy to them along with multiple intense orgasms. These artificial male genitals come in the following varieties – Classic, Bullet, Egg, Rabbit, Water Proof, G-Spot, Finger, Wand and Strap–on. Each of these types is unique in its own style of working and is designed to provide maximum clitoral stimulation and orgasmic pleasure to the user.

- The Classic varieties are traditionally designed smooth surfaced tools which the user can directly insert into the vagina and masturbate. It can also be used to tickle the clitoris for maximum pleasure.

- The bullet variety is mainly designed to be used along with other erotic toys and the innovative designs of these toys help in trying out new acts and styles.

- Egg dildos are, as the name suggests, egg shaped devices that can be used internally as well as externally.

- Rabbit variety is specially designed devices that can be penetrated into the female genital and can also be used to provide clitoral stimulation. A stem protrudes off the main shaft in such a way that if the user puts the shaft inside the vagina the protruded stem will automatically press the clitoris resulting in intense clitoral stimulation.

- Water proof tools are designed to be used during underwater activities.

- G-Spot is probably the most revolutionary type. It is particularly designed to give women G-Spot stimulation. Whether a woman has a G-Spot or not has been a myth for long. Along with this, people always contemplated the fact whether women really squirt or they simply pee. These questions have all been laid to rest by this particular device which in fact helps to stimulate the female Gräfenberg (G) Spot, helping in ‘actual squirting’.

- Wand stimulators are another type of toy that provides extremely intense clitoral stimulation with vivacious controls & vibrations.

- The strap-on variety are designed and shaped exactly like natural human penis and they come with straps-on that the user can wear and have sex. This is particularly used by lesbian couples to simulate male-female intercourse.

The author is for long associated with a women vibrator manufacturing company that designs and develops different kinds of vibrator for women, remote vibrator and other sex toys.


Get An Affordable Egg Vibrator To Rejuvenate Your Sex Life

Amongst all the different types of sex tools that are being used by women, egg vibrator is perhaps the most talked about because of their sheer class and for the fact that these can be used in conjunction with other types of tools as well.

Before we get into some in depth discussion on these unique devices let us at first know why are they termed as ‘egg’, and what makes them so unique? Moreover, what really makes these tools so much popular amongst the users?

Popularity of this particular type of latest vibrator for woman perhaps can be attributed to the fact that they are extremely user-friendly and adaptable. Moreover, they provide the ultimate sexual ecstasy to the user. In a nutshell, these devices come with optimal simplicity, diversity as well as mobility and these are the qualities that make them so much popular today. Besides, that they are available at affordable prices also does a world of good to them.

Now let us understand, why are they called ‘egg’? The term may not have anything to do with the world of eroticism but all said and done, the structure or appearance of these toys is the very reason behind their name. They are small, measuring no more than 3” in length and are shaped like eggs so that the user can insert them into her vagina. The compact structure of these tools makes them ideal for masturbation. Even if the user is having foreplay or sex with a partner the device does not pose any hindrance. You will find various types of egg dildos – available in various colors, textures and materials. All you need to do is to opt for a certain type depending upon your choice of sexual activity. Some of these sex toys come with remote controls that come in handy when you are on move and you woul like to use them in public places. You can also opt for the ones that can be activated by voice so that your partner can activate them simply by uttering a few words just before getting wild with you!

The most significant catch is that this stimulator hardly makes that customary humming noise unlike the other varieties. That makes it possible for an individual to use it even when she is in public, without raising the curiosity of others. She can get an affordable egg vibrator, put it under her panty, activate it with a remote control device and get on with her journey in a bus or a car.

These stuffs are mainly used to stimulate clitoris before having sex or during foreplay. These devices are also ideal for erotic massage. There is no specific thumb rule of using the device. As it is small, handy and perfectly fits in the palm you can use it in whatever way you feel like during foreplay. Use your common sense when you use the device in the sensitive areas of yourself or your partner to get a perfect and wild arousal during foreplay to have longer sex and an intense & ultimate orgasm that will last longer and get stronger with every passing second!

The author is a reputed dealer of latest vibrator for woman and other sexual toys and can provide you with the latest and affordable egg vibrator and other types of woman sex toys upon being ordered.


Enjoying you best moments with Squirting Dildos

Dildos are indispensible tools when it comes to single women or lesbian sex. These devices take the center stage to give women maddening orgasms and extreme sexual pleasures. However, the question here is can they simulate the real thing – a human penis? Can they simulate the heavenly feeling of warm semen gushing out of the penis and running all the way down into the vagina?? ‘No’ was the answer till the introduction of squirting dildos which are designed to simulate live penis in true sense. When it comes to female eroticism, these cumming toys have virtually minimized the need of a man in female eroticism.

After the introduction of these unique erotic toys women no longer are in need of a man to taste the thrill of hot male love juice running down their vaginas. Truly, a realistic squirting dildo is today the ultimate tool for a woman to caress & tender testicles. The device gives them the real experience from the very start till the climax. With a suction base they can use the device without using their hands. All they need to do is to look for a flat platform or surface to make the stuff stand erect and then start working on it till they reach their orgasm and make themselves ready to take in the ejaculation that is even better than they take in from a real penis.

They can play with the testicles, moving the balls in the way they like to get a real ‘skinny’ feeling and when they are ready for an intense orgasm, they just need to press the hand pump for a hot juicy explosion that takes them to the climax.

These toys are available in various forms – realistic, silicone, vibrators, glass, strap-on, double sided.

Realistic – As the name suggests these dildos look exactly like a natural penis. They are available in various sizes and colors that represent various types of skin complexions. You will find the natural curves and tilts, the undulation of the surface, the textures, the rock hard shaft and the vein running all through it, the ball with the customary softness to lend a perfect feeling of toying with a natural male hardness. These are also called silicon.

Glass – The name itself speaks for these stuffs. These may or may not be shaped like natural penis but are hard, transparent and made of glass. These definitely do not simulate the feelings of a live penis but is no less good than the other stuffs when it comes to offering ultimate sexual pleasure.

Vibrators – These toys come up with batteries which help them to vibrate and provide a sexual stimulation to the vaginal wall or to the clitoris to maximize the pleasure and help the user to reach orgasm.

Strap-on – These devices come with strap-on which can be used to strap the toys around one’s waist so that the dildo truly simulates penis in a male body. This device is generally used by lesbian couples to simulate inter gender ‘encounter’.

Double Sided – These toys are longer than the other varieties and both the edges are shaped like penis tips so that the two sides can be used by two partners simultaneously. Again, these are used in lesbian sex.

The author is an expert on squirting dildos and has been offering advises to the users about how to use a realistic squirting dildo. The author has also written a number of e-books on the subject.

June 01 2013


Why Use Sex Education Books?

The benefits of using sex education books.

Human sexuality is a very sensitive, yet very essential subject, especially when it comes to teenagers. A lot of teenagers start having sex when they feel that they are ready (that is, because their hormones tell them to), but most teenagers don’t really take the time to research on what sex is, and how to perform it safely with their partners.

Sexual education books are important because, first and foremost, it teaches you what sex really is. Above and beyond the physical act of putting the penis into the vagina (which is sex in the traditional sex), the concept of sex will have so many other factors– emotional, psychological, and even spiritual- that it becomes confusing for a young adult who rushes head first into sex without even trying to find out what sex is really all about. Forget about how popular media portrays sex; it’s often portrayed as edgy and cool, and while that’s part of the appeal for many young adults, it’s also the reason why most of them neglect to learn about sex before actually committing sexual acts. In the end, they get the bang, but they get burned doing so.

Instructional sex books

Sexual educations books aim to help young adults learn more about their bodies, and the urges that they feel when they reach young adulthood. Since their hormones are raging, many teenagers find it hard to hold off on having sex, especially if they have willing and ready partners. However, if they take the time to actually read up on sex, they will find that not only will they learn what sex is and how it would affect their lives in the present and in the future, but they will also learn how to have sex with their partners so that both of them experience mutual satisfaction and pleasure.

Take for example, instructional sex books. These kinds of book help teach readers the how, when, why, and where of sex. Readers can learn how to give pleasure to their partners before, during, and after sex. For instance, instructional sex books can teach you how to give proper foreplay to your partner, or how to change up your foreplay routine. A lot of instructional sex books even offer a chapter or two on sex toys and how to use them, so that you and your partner can learn how to use sex toys, and which ones to use.

Sexual education books

There are also sexual position books available to help you broaden your knowledge about sexual positions. Sure, missionary position can be fun and all, but it does tend to get boring after a while. Browsing through a sexual position book and you might find your next favorite sexual position. Plus, you can also learn how to get into or perform a certain sexual position without hurting yourself or your partner. One of the leading cause of sex-related injuries is from people trying out sexual positions that seem thrilling or pleasurable, but need some learning to actually perform successfully.

If you’re interested in reading sexual education books, EroticToyTown has many books that can answer any and all of your questions about sex.

May 28 2013


Must-Have Sex Toy Accessories

Sex toy accessories that you should have.

Just like pretty much any other gadget, sex toys have accessories that you can purchase. These sex toy accessories will help your sex toys function more efficiently, and they will also help maintain the sex toys to keep them performing in top shape so that you can enjoy them longer. Getting sex toy accessories will help you get more bang for your buck when it comes to using your sex toys.

At EroticToyTown, you can get two types of sex toy accessories to help you maximize the enjoyment and pleasure that you can get from your sex toys, in terms of both longevity and performance. You can choose to get either sex toy cleaners or sex toy batteries, but if you really want to make sure that you get the best performance from your sex toys, you can choose to buy both, especially if the sex toys you use are operated by batteries and are regularly used for penetration.


Sex toy cleaners

Of all the things that you should never forget to do with a sex toy, cleaning it is on top of the list. Not only does cleaning a sex toy help keep it looking good and performing well, it also helps to make sure that using it is safe and hygienic. Cleaning sex toys should occur before and after you use it, with the more intensive cleaning occurring right after the action happens. While most people only use soap and warm water to clean their sex toys, it’s not always enough to do a sufficient job of removing the moisture and other bodily fluids from the sex toy, especially if the sex toy design is intricate. What’s more, household cleaning products may not be compatible with your sex toy, and can damage the surface of the sex toy when it comes in contact with them. Using sex toy cleaners would be the best way to clean sex toys thoroughly and properly.

All the sex toy cleaners available at EroticToyTown are less than $20, but are specifically formulated to make sure that they completely clean your sex toy without damaging the parts. These sex toy cleaners will thoroughly remove any traces of bodily fluids, and all you need to do is to wipe away the remaining moisture.

There are different types of sex toy cleaners available, such as spray, wipe, or even travel sized, for those trips away with your lover.


Different battery sizes

While you can use generic batteries for your sex toy, there are times when you’re going to want the best power that a cell can supply, and during these types, you’re going to want batteries built especially for use on sex toys. At EroticToyTown, you can choose from a wide range of different battery sizes, all of them built for long-lasting performance and protection against power surges. After all, there’s nothing worse than being right in the perfect moment for a climax, then having your vibrator suddenly die on you, or worse, get a power surge and electrocute you down there.

May 18 2013


Assorted Erotic Aids: How They Can Help You

If there’s a downside with being with a single partner for a long period of time, it’s that there are times when no matter how hard you try, your sex life tends to cool down. Sure, every now and again when there is a special occasion, you and your partner can still rip up the sheets, but for the most part, you find that sex becomes a bit bland at best, and a punishment at worst. So, what do you do? It’s simple; you use assorted erotic aids to help you and your partner find sex exciting and pleasurable again.

EroticToyTown offers several types of assorted erotic aids to that can bring some spice back into your relationship. You can choose from four different kinds, namely:

  • Personal Shavers

Personal shavers

If you’ve ever watched vintage porn, you’ll notice that these porn stars won’t have the same perfectly plucked and bleached genitals and anuses of porn stars today. No, porn stars of yesteryear proudly support their bushes. Now, most people find that regularly shaving their genitals can be a bit of a chore, and for the most part, having sex au naturalle can be exciting and thrilling. However, if you want to bring out a little bit of your inner porn star and surprise your partner at the same time, why not try shaving your pubic hair? Watch as your partner’s eye bulge out of their sockets when you greet them with a freshly shaved penis or vagina, especially if you’re wearing some erotic lingerie or underwear to complete the look.

  • Exotic Dance Poles

Exotic dance poles

Have you ever wondered why strippers have such great legs? Well, it turns out; pole dancer is as much a great exercise as it is a way to make your partner drool with lust! Getting a pole professionally installed is more than worth the price, so if you want to splurge a little bit (and you can always use it for exercising if the pole dancing for seduction doesn’t work out, for now), why not get one of the exotic dance poles available at EroticToyTown installed in your bedroom? Choose from six different kinds of pole kit, from the Carmen Electra spinning pole, to the Penthouse Pole, complete with stripper outfit kit!

  • Kegel Exercisers

Kegel exercisers

Doing Kegel exercises has never been easier and more effective with the Kegel exercisers. Now you can perform Kegel exercises and be pleasured while doing so, with the different Kegel exercises available at EroticToyTown. However, don’t think that only women can benefit from using Kegel exercisers. Men can perform Kegels as well, which results in stronger penile muscles, as well as delayed ejaculation time.

  • Safer Sex Products

Safer sex products

Whether it’s anal or vaginal sex, one should never forget to use condoms, and the Safer Sex Products available will make sure that you are always protected and hygienic during sex. Choose from a wide array of man condoms available, from the Trojan Ultra Thins, all the way up to the LifeStyles Kyng Large condoms.

May 10 2013


The Best Dildos and Dongs

Sex with a dildo gives complete control over manipulation for personal pleasure. EroticToyTown's leading provider of Dildos and Dongs sells a wide selection of the best in dildo technology and materials.

May 08 2013


New Arrival Anal Vibrators - Vibrating Anal Toys at EroticToyTown

This article is tell about using anal beads and toys during sex to satisfy you and your partner.

April 09 2013


Special Offers on Squirting Dildo at EroticToyTown

Catch the special offers on squirting dildos, you don’t need a man to experience the thrill of a hot juicy explosion of love juice! EroticToyTown offers ✓28% Discount ✓Fast shipping and ✓ Full satisfaction.

April 01 2013


The Lesbian Strap on at EroticToyTown

How lesbians in a relationship can benefit from using a strap-on

Despite being naturally “phallus-challenged”, most lesbian couples have no problems have a healthy and exciting sex life. However, just like any other couple, a lot of lesbian couples eventually reach a point in their sexual relationship where the once explosive heat dies down to a simmer. Maybe it’s just that stage where sex takes a backseat to other priorities in life, or maybe the people in the relationship have reached a point where their sex has become a little too predictable and comfortable. Maybe the couple needs to bring in a strap-on sex toy into their sex life.

When one thinks about it, the strap-on would be a great choice of sex toy for lesbian couples. A strap-on is basically a harness worn around the legs or the thigh which allows the user to wear a dildo during sex. The strap-on also frees up the hands of the user, which can be a great change of pace for many lesbian couples who are used to using their hands to stimulate their partner.

Using a strap-on during sex allows the couple to experience new sex positions as well as new places to do it in, without having to resort to other means such cheating on each other to bring back some zing into their sex life. By using a strap-on, lesbian couples can simulate the elements of having heterosexual sex, without actually bringing a man into their bedroom.
Double ended strapon dildo
The lesbian strap-on can be one of several types of strap-ons available online. If you look at EroticToyTown, an online sex store, you will find several types of strap-ons that lesbian couples can use. The wide range of types and prices (ranging from around $40 to $120 for complete sets) allows most customers choose which strap-on would be the most appropriate for them. The most common type of strap-on available is the silicone strap-on with harness. Usually, silicone strap-ons are shaped like penises, and most are realistic in coloring, texture, and appearance. If you want to up the ante, you can also choose strap-ons will more features, such as vibrating strap-ons, or double penetration strap-ons. You can also purchase a dual strap-on, where you can penetrate your partner, and have another dildo inside you at the same time.

EroticToyTown also offers panty strap-ons, for those who are not comfortable using traditional harness strap-ons. For larger couples, traditional harnesses could be uncomfortable because the cushion can grind against the pubic bone, and the harnesses straps can chafe against the inside of the thighs. If you are encountering this problem, you can solve it by using a panty harness. Panty harnesses are shaped like the women’s underwear, with a hole for putting the dildo through.

Using a strap-on can actually be a great experience for both you and your partner from the get-go. You can take your partner with you when you choose your strap-on, and ask their opinion regarding the material of the harness, the material and size of the dildo, as well as any additional features that you may want in your dildo. By including your partner in the process of choosing your sex toy, you build a deeper relationship of trust and intimacy between you and your partner.

The Suction Cup Vibrator: The Single’s Blessing

"How single men and women can benefit from using a suction cup vibrator"

Have you ever felt that all-consuming urge to have sex, but the problem was that you don’t actually have a partner to have sex with? Masturbation can only go so far to satisfy you, and you don’t have the time, energy, or effort to spare to go out and find someone to have sex with, even if it’s just a casual hookup. What do you do then?

suction cup base dildo

Having a dildo handy for whenever the urge strikes you would be the answer to your problems. Dildos are cheap, easy to find, easy to clean, easy to store, and is ready anytime you want to get busy. Visit a store like EroticToyTown, which is a comprehensive online sex toy store, and you will find a whole range of dildos that can fit any budget or need that you might have.

One of the most popular types of dildos for single people looking for some action is the suction cup vibrating dildo. These types of dildos are usually made from latex, rubber, or silicon and most of them look and feel very realistic to be able to simulate the sexual experience as close to real as possible. Most models have veins along the shaft of the penis, and some even have realistic testicles hanging from the end of the penis.

To get the most “bang for your buck”, you can choose a dildo with vibrating features so that you can stimulate your vagina or anus even more while using the dildo. The great thing about vibrating dildos is that you will be able to provide extra stimulation to yourself with you are using it, and all the vibrating dildos available on EroticToyTown are adjustable via controls that come with the dildos. You can choose the speed and strength of the vibrations so that you have complete control over your pleasure. What’s more, all the dildos are priced under $50, so they are very affordable.

So now that you have found a vibrating dildo that fits your budget and your personal tastes, you can make using it even more enjoyable by making sure that you purchase a dildo that has a suction cup base. A suction cup base dildo is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a dildo that has a suction cup at its base so you can attach the dildo to any hard, flat surface, which frees your hands. The suction cup base works best when you place it against a non-porous surface, such as tiles or cement. Attaching the suction cup base ensures that the dildo is stable while you use it, and you can become more physical without fearing that the dildo becomes dislodged while use.

It sounds like the perfect combination and companion to any horny single: a stable dildo that you can attach to any flat surface with a multi-speed vibration feature that you control. No more worries about bringing yourself to climax; just stick this bad boy to any surface, and ride yourself to your happy ending!

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